Zurdox- Sublimated Basketball Sleeves. The best team of Designers!
Custom sublimated Sleeves.






Full dye sublimation: the best inks used for a perfect color
the minimum order 12 sleeveS

To start your order go to: get started at the top of the page

The mockup lead time 2 to 4 business days
ETA 4 to 5 weeks after mockup approval.


Image shown is for visual representation only.
The sleeve comes with NO PATHS. *
Shades, colors and trims may vary from the actual image
To the manufacture product.

Design and customize any graphic specific to the final products using professional designers. Zurdox sublimation products showcase thousands of colors utilizing high resolution, true Photo quality images and any vector based graphics and text. This technology has revolutionize the market apperal in the sports industry. Zurdox manufactures. designs and customize your cool ideas to get the results to fulfills your dreams. Zurdox is the leading brand in the sublimated Industry. Full dye sublimated basketball hoodie for men’s, women’s & youth. Lightweight fabric.


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